Equine LTS

The Equine LTS, has its foundation in the NASA LED research. The evolution within Light Emitting Diode (LED), has been exponential since 2002. The Equine LTS is using LED Chips, not the old fashioned light emitting diode bulbs, for a more stream lined look and 120 degrees light. The LED chips is mounted on a flexible strip, pre-wired with resistors and coated with a water resistant silicon top, to maintain durability and easy cleaning. The LED strips are powered by a 12V rechargeable battery.

The wavelength of the LED’s used in the LTS range from 450-900nm specifically blue light with 450nm, deep red 660nm and near infrared light 850nm. According to studies done by H. Wheeler et. al. these are the weave length which has the greatest effect on the living tissue.

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